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There is a long tradition of soccer in Spain. Our national team has been in 14 World Cups. In 2010 it reached its maximum milestone proclaiming world champion after wining Holanda 1-0 in the World Cup final in Sudafrica.

We all remember that goal scored by András Iniesta, but probably we did not share the repetition with friends through social networks. And with any doubts I would even say that we only was watching the television screen at that moment.


The way in which viewers will enjoy the World Cup matches will be in 2018 different from previous editions and will have as common denominator the mobile channel. That´s why brands should take advantage of it, here´s why:


1- World Cup Audience

The 2018 World Cup will be played in Russia between June 14th and July 15th. In the 2014 Brazil World Cup, 79 millions fans were connected through their mobile devices to content related to the World Cup after the United States game against Germany. And the total of spectators who saw at least a minute of the match from their homes was 3,200 million according to FIFA.

2- Social Networks

The last World Cup was the first to use massively social networks because although smartphones existed before, they were not so populars. During these years, it has been time for mobile users to get used to watching football games while they are tweeting and sharing their opinions on social networks. Therefore, the interaction of fans in social networks about the World Cup will not have precedents this year. Among the social networks with mobile access, Facebook is the one that takes the lead, 80 % of its users only access this social networks through their smartphones.


3- Multiscreen

The favorite device to access the internet while watching television is the mobile. The Hyperconnected user is here to stay and will be informed about the World Cup while is watching the television. According iabSpain, 87 % of users look at the smartphone while is watching TV, and also this habit is increasing. That is why we must be present in some way in the devices of all those who comment the game while they watch it.


4- Mobile apps

In recent years, the time spent on mobile has grown thanks to the use of mobile applications. In fact, today we spend more time using mobile applications than in anything else in the digital world. Also, one of the app´s categories where we spend more time are those related to sports. It is more than likely that the World Cup will arouse interest in downloading mobile applications that provide information about it.


5- Mobile Ecommerce

In the early stages of the purchase process is where the mobile increases its effectiveness. We use it to research information and  for compare prices. Well-directed advertising works, 75 % of respondents reported having clicked on advertising of interest. What will we buy while we are watching the World Cup matches? Well of course something that has aroused sure interest, but probably that has appeared first on the screen of our mobile.


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