If we are talking about mobile apps, what is the first thing that came into your mind? Probably some sharing economy app that makes your live easier, maybe a social network app if you love to be connected or in case you are a shopping alcoholic like me some retail app. But when we are talking about custom apps for business we mean other thing, perhaps less glamorous but truly interesting for companies.

In the custom apps for business either the client who hire the application and the user are the same person. Hence that we have here some peculiarities.

custom apps for business

Mobile apps open us to new opportunities that also keep growing with the new possibilities that tecnología and business offer. Custom apps for business are destined to catch those opportunities with let us to improve the productivity of the company and to create more efficient organisations.

At Auroralabs we have work with several companies that wished to enhance their productivity. Here comes some examples of make up businesses that get a better productivity thanks to custom apps for business.

Case 1. Custom apps for business: process automation

Let´s imagine a company that assembles units, such as work shelters or temporary offices. These installations during the assembly process require the supervision of a technician who has to move from the assembly area to the office, where the computer is, to document the progress of the assembly, adjust timing, order new parts based on the recent needs etc.

In this case the custom apps for business allow the operator to automate the entire assembly process, reducing downtime and therefore increasing productivity.

Case 2. Custom apps for business: sales force

This purpose is a well-know fact. Let’s say a company with a commercial staff that sells insurance. Although there are commercial management software, this company needs something that responds to the real needs of the company. They also wants the product be able to evolve without relying on third parties and having control of the software in the future.

These custom apps for companies have the following main advantages:

  • Provide updated data to the client: catalog of products or services and prices.
  • Possibility of closing the sale on site, at the same time as the customer take their decision.
  • Create sales statistics to know segmented results.
  • Unique sales solution that makes it easy for sellers to save time and effort.
  • Access to the customer information in a simple way: historical, segmentation, etc.

apps para empresas

Case 3. Custom apps for business: streamlining tasks

We all want that fulfill of the tasks are as efficient as possible, that they do not take longer than necessary and that they flow. The company apps aimed to speed the tasks should offer us the possibility to better organize duties and to foster continuous improvement.

Think for example in a hotel that needs to manage the room´s use and maintenance. A bespoke app for this hotel chain would allow a better organization, also adapted to the special characteristics of the business. We could see which rooms are prepared to accommodate a client, edit and report the damage that may be suffered, to assign employees for maintenance, to supervise and to approve the work done in the rooms.

This application allows you without using paper to distribute duties or supervise jobs. We can also obtain, as in the rest of the cases, statistics to improve our services.

apps para empresas_agilizar procesos

These are just some examples but since each business has special characteristics, at Auroralabs we are experts in developing the custom app that solves the specific problem of your company.

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