There is no doubt in anyone´s mind that the mobile apps make easier our day to day life. This apps we began to adopt 10 years ago were set up in our wrist in 2015, thanks to the apps development for Apple Watch.


From what we have seen to the date, the new Apple Watch Series 4 comes not only to smooth everyday tasks, but can breakthrough and innovate in important fields such as health. The apps development for Apple Watch may be thoroughly interesting for our application´s strategy.


apps development for Apple Watch

What is app development for Apple Watch?


The apps development for Apple Watch does not mean a mere extension of the mobile app previously developed. Apple give the developers Watchkit, a software which provide a set of tools to the specific apps development for Apple Watch.

The first app named Apple Watch, allow us to bind our iPhone with the watch to start with the configuration and begin to enjoy the experience. From there a world of possibilities is open in terms of apps development for Apple Watch, but we also have to take into account some points:

  • Design: the development of an app in such a small screen force us to an exercise of simplicity so that the use of the app is as simple as posible.
  • Gesture: Apple Watch devices work in a different way from its eldest brother, we have to bear in mind how we use this device.
  • Batery: the management of this resource is very important because, although its capacity has been improved in Series 4, it is still less powerful than in larger devices.

Last June was realised watchOS 5 adding new ways of communication and new features related to training and communication, and at the same time improving Siri with new shortcuts that make easier our daily tasks, localisation and commute.


Why hire the apps development for Apple Watch?


At the end of the day the purpose of all those who provide a service is: fulfil the needs of their client, be able to attend them quickly and that they be up-to-date with our services. The apps development for Apple Watch supply this feeling of immediacy. Why?

The Apple Watch apps offer a great opportunity to activate the notifications and to manage them in our wrist: trips, the weather, routes. Furthermore, from watchOS 5 we can also get the user can handle our notification without need of opening the app, for example by changing the number of diners in a table reservation notification.


Apple Watch Series 4 has opened an unprecedented world of possibilities not only through its new design which creates dependency on communication and fitness, but also through the improvement in response time. All of this will boost the use of the apps in this wrist devices, and therefore the apps development for Apple Watch.

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