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Do you need to develop a mobile app for your business? What do you need? No worries, we resolved all your doubts about this questions.


If you are reading this post is because you are interested in developing a mobile app. Maybe you can set up a startup which requieres an app development, o maybe you have a consolidated business and you want to hire the mobile app development in order to improve your business.

Here, we can suggest what you need and which are the first step to hiring a development of a mobile app without it being a headache.


What is your budget?

mobile app-budget

If you want to find out the amount of money necessary in order to develop the mobile app, you have to have in mind what do you want to do.  I´ll give you the example of a building. It is not the same to build an attached, a detached house or a skyscraper. Do you need a parking lot, a storage room or communal areas?. These same range of possibilities is the one you face when you are developing a mobile app.

Once your mobile app is defined, according to your needs your idea will become either an easy app developed in 1 month and a half, a medium complexity app from 3 to 5 months or from now on a complexity app.

Why should your first question be “what is your budget?” to develop a mobile app. Because you will realise if your mobile app project is ready to take off, or you first need to make a round of financing that allows you to carry it out.


What are the characteristics that you need to take into account before asking for a budget?

Listado de cosas necesarias para hacer una app móvil

To be able to put across what type of mobile app you want, and so that the developer can help you to conceptualize it, you should be very clear about some of the following mobile app elements such as:

  • What devices will support your app? Smartphones, tablets, etc?
  • In what operating systems will it run and what versions of them will it be compatible with?
  • Will it support social networks?
  • How many languages will it be translated into?
  • Will it have push notifications?
  • Will it have geolocation?

After doing this exercise, ask yourself what is more important in order to get your mobile app going. At the beginning, the development of the application should contemplate a minimum viable product (MVP) which can be improved in the future adding whatever is necessary.


The importance of a qualified team

mobile app-team

Auroralabs team at Seville headquarters office

The technical expertise of the team that develops your mobile app is crucial. The final quality of your product depends on them. The most important thing is that the developers have a great technical profile and experience. The time needed in order to develop the mobile app will not be the same with a junior developer than with a senior one. Although the price may be higher at first, but you will also need less time to finish it and the product will be of a higher quality. This will make a difference in the development of the mobile application:

  • The idea will be better conceptualized from the beginning saving time and costs.
  • The design will be up-to-date and attractive also the mobile application more user friendly.
  • The mobile app will be well adapted to all platforms.
  • The structure of the project will be done in layers, which will allow us to improve it without having to start from scratch.
  • Better maintenance to adapt it to new operating systems.
  • Easier and more approachable communication using professional tools.


Do I ask for a fixed quote or billable time?

Desarrollo aplicación móvil por horas

If you have a good definition of your idea, a closed budget could suit you best. However, if this is not the case, interestingly, the closed contract could be more expensive since the budget is used to develop functionalities that are not used later. The closed budget should not be associated with spending less on a mobile development.

If your idea needs to progress at the same time as the development of the mobile app, you could first develop the main ones and add features on demand, thus saving you effort and money. Working by billable hours allows you to change the direction of the mobile app development if and when you need to.


Clearly define your mobile app, be clear about the order of priorities and look for a specialised company. These three elements will be fundamental in order for your mobile app to be successful.

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