Auroralabs among the leading companies in software development and technology product design in Spain, according “El Referente”.

El Referente is the first newspaper dedicated to entrepreneurs, whose goal is to disseminate to the most innovative companies in Spain with technological, social, gastronomic, fashion, and so on projects. They try to bring society closer to the importance of the entrepreneurship, considering it as the main engine of the future of our society.


What do they say about us?

Auroralabs is a mobile design and development boutique, specialized in projects where quality and collaboration with the customer are essential. The company shares the clients´journey throughout the life cycle of the project: conceptualization, design, development, positioning and maintenance. Álvaro Balbontín, Álex Ríos and Raimundo Alonso-Cuevillas are the founders of this company that stands out both in UX and in UI, and that makes the user get hooked on the usability of the app. They are a team with ten years of experience in development, which gives them a broad background to conceptualize the client’s idea, saving costs and time. Mapfre Foundation, Decathlon, AXA, Hotelopia, ByLogic, Kidü, Rêv, GasAll, BBN, Proazimut or Airgrup are some of its clients.


Thanks! We are #enterpreneurs, we are #benchmarks.

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