Last monday at Auroralabs we were lucky to attend a new event organized by Happyforce in Sevilla and led by Sergio Cancelo.

On this occasion Gabriel Martín was kind enough to welcome us to the Strugal offices where we also had the opportunity to see the amazing work they do in a modern, cozy and motivating space. No doubt that just only for the tour the visit was worth it.

auroralabs evento

The matter of the talk revolved around feedback but not to any one if not to quality feedback, where Rosa Rodríguez del Tronco co-author of Smart Feedback masterfully brought the topic up helping us to share the experience of all attendees and to discuss different points of view. (Thank you very much for the book!👏🏻).

It was interesting to realize how companies of different sectors and sizes seek to maintain a closer relationship with all their workers, looking for solutions that help them improve the day-to-day life of people.

On our part, we have signed up several ideas that we hope will help us on our path to continuous improvement and we will certainly look forward to the next Happyforce invitation 😊.

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