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Since 2008 with the launching of the AppStore, the mobile app design become more important. It is then that the apps with a more attractive interface arose.

Today it is no longer make sense a mobile development without taking the app design into account.


Mobile development recquires differents abilities and other standards than web design. We face a smaller screen which makes us precisely value the decisions we take in order to highlight the most important functionalities, digital use is also a main factor to take into account. And indeed the elements in the mobile apps design differ from the elements used in the web design.

One of the key points in order to start the development of an application is the design. To make the app design works, we must achieve an intuitive and usable app. You must feel the app simple, and remove all the obstacles between the users and their goals. In other words, the app design should be done in such a way that the users may understand it intuitively.

All of the above presuppose the importance of app design, but how do we achieve these requirements? Implementing all the principles we have learned about UX and bearing in mind the manufacturers style rules (iOS and Android) that the UI can be satisfactory.

app design-UX

What UX meaning? UX or user experience talk us about the interaction between person and smartphone in our case. In order to achieve the users satisfaction we must get, through the app design, that they were able to understand it without the need of a user´s guide.

It should also be note that the app design must pay attention to all mobile platforms, because an iOS user is used to different behaviours than an Android user. Other example is to take advantage of the screen sizes, adjusting the mobile app design to the terminal so that the user felt comfortable.

In other hand, UI make more attractive the application by creating an interface which put the user at the center. The app beside of intuitive must have a friendly look&feel. An appealing app design, up-to-date and  suited to the evolution of the mobile platforms, induce the user to use that app and not another one.

Thereby will be very important the choice of the logo and the colours that represent our app. The app design should match with your corporate identity or with the public who is targeted to.


In a nutshell we can say that the mobile app design is as important as the development of the application. App design must try that all the developed functionalities are used, otherwise, they would fall in deaf ears and they wouldn’t´t add value.

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