At Auroralabs, we are motivated to draw in talent. If you are a passionate about of technology, you enjoy team work and you think you can contribute in, we will be happy to meet you.

 In this case we have switch the process, we send you our CV and if you like it, then you will send us yours. These are some of the reasons why you might want to be part of our team:

1- You will have excellent team colleagues

The team is not only made up of very good people (a request to belong to Auroralabs), they are also brilliants in what they do. They are passionate about technology, have a lot of experience in mobile development and they know that the company is part of them. They are always willing to help and make some jokes if it is timely. Be surrounded by people like this, is the best way to learn and have fun.

2- You will work where you feel most comfortable

For us, the important thing is that you are motivated, and to this end it is necessary that you feel good working. Sometimes we like to share and be with colleagues at the office, and sometimes we work from home. The important thing is not the time that you are sitting on the office chair, the productivity and the achievement of the objectives is what moves us.

3- We will value your opinion

We consider ourselves a company with a horizontal structure where each opinion is valued and counted. We freely express our ideas and this allows us to grow, there are no filters here. So, we contribute with our ideas and improve the projects in which we are working, or even in those that do not work. All this is for the benefit of our customers and ourselves.

4-  You will decide your time off

We believe in our team and we have better things to do than be aware of when our teammates come and go. Everyone is responsible to organize their time. No one decides when you go on vacation, you just have to coordinate with the team. You decide when to take your days off. We have flexible hours to reconcile our work with personal life.

5. You will learn continuously

In addition, to being surrounded by people with a lot of technical experience and different skills, you will learn a lot. We encourage people to participate in conferences and courses to continue improving. This is the best way to keep us with new technologies and to get the whole team infected with this desire to progress.

Interested in working with us? In our CV you will find the info to contact us.

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